Life in Cambodia

Today I am praising God for: the realization that sometimes it takes you traveling halfway across the world to get 12 hours of sleep. 

Happy jet lag from Cambodia! As I road a moto to work this morning, I couldn't help but constantly look around and attempt to take in everything I saw. I truly believe it is impossible for me to move my eyes fast enough to capture everything that is going on.

Since arriving yesterday, I continually find myself noticing something that catches my attention and saying to myself "Huh...well I've never seen that one before." Whether that is chickens hanging from a moto handle, children drinking bottles while riding on the front of a moto, or simply eating rice and chicken for breakfast. 

Previously to arriving in Cambodia, I continually prayed that God would prepare my heart for what I would experience while here.  In my very short time here already, I have seen that life is lived very different compared to the Midwest. However, I am so thankful that I am able to experience AND learn from it. 

As I begin to settle into my new environment, it has become evident that living in the slum community may be the hardest adjustment, but also the most rewarding. Though I woke up this morning to a heavy odor of sewage outside my window, I also woke up to the sound of children laughing and singing in the streets that surround my "new" home. 

Today I encourage you to find something beautiful in each day and cling to it. For though there are trails and hard times that come with each day, there are also blessings - the question is: which will you choose to hold on to today?


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